After a very long period characterized by an interpretative logic of patient needs, the importance of chronic diseases has highlighted the need for a more deliberative approach between health services and patients. Some people think that patients do not always know what is and is not right for them, but it is certain that patients know what they do not want.

Today, the whole society is looking for personalization of services and waiting for sincere empathy to be placed at the centre of interpersonal relationships. It is obvious that this phenomenon also impacts health services. Individual expectations for services have changed. Are health services in line with the values of patients today?

The 2020 edition of the Shared Patient Experience (SPX) international conference is called: “The Patient eXperience, a global response to a society in search of high touch” and will address themes were the promotion of the patient experience should bring about change, and touch upon how such change should be guided and realized.


The colloquium 2020 will address five themes:

1. Managing the change to the Patient eXperience culture

2. How to develop the Patient eXperience in a context of isolation – Covid experiences?

3. Design of infrastructures and teams taking into account the Patient eXperience

4. Shared clinical decisions and patient participation in care and research

5. How to integrate the Patient eXperience into non-face-to-face activity such as telemedicine?

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"The place of the patient in the strategic management of health institutions"