Article 1 : Definition

The non-profit organization Shared Patient eXperience (SPX) wishes to bring together European health organizations to exchange knowledge and best practices.

The SPX Award brings together the most inspiring initiatives and innovative ideas that can contribute to a higher level of patient experience for all of us. Each nominated project must significantly improve patient experience, either in an institution or in a more global context. Each year 1 winner will be chosen.

Article 2 : Organization

The SPX Award is organized by Shared Patient eXperience asbl, whose registered office is in Rue de la Tour 13 4180 Hamoir (Belgique).

The organization of nomination and awards can be interrupted, delayed or canceled by the organizers if circumstances require it and / or in case of force majeure.

Article 3 : Applicants

Any European healthcare organization that has launched an initiative to promote patient experience can submit an initiative for the SPX Award, except for previous year’s winner who cannot submit a project in this round.

Article 4 : Terms and conditions

The project is a current and ongoing initiative of your healthcare organization that puts the focus on the experience of the patient and / or caregiver.

Each health organization can submit a maximum of 1 project.

A project that was nominated in one of the previous editions but that did not receive an award can be resubmitted if it has changed significantly since its last application yet still meets the selection criteria.

Nominated applicants agree to submit a short video summarizing their initiative concretely before 03/31/2022. The video must not exceed 1 min 30 seconds and should be submitted in a simple format. The language used in the video is English or the video has English subtitles. Nominations will be announced on 03/03/2022.
Applicants grant SPX the right to distribute the submitted video via its communication channels (YouTube, social networks, website, etc.) and guarantees having received a written agreement from anyone appearing in the video.

Nominated applicants agree

– to have the Shared Patient Experience association include information on their project in a publication intended for the sharing of best practices.

– to be physically or digitally present at the awards ceremony to be held on June 10, 2022, if health measures allow it. The venue for the award ceremony can vary from year to year.

– to answer any questions from the press related to their participation to the event.

– to communicate the initiative to their network as much as possible.

The laureate agrees

– to get involved in sharing best practices around his or her project

– to inform any people who want to develop a similar initiative.

Article 5 : Procedure

Applicants submit their application online form (see before February 15, 2022 at midnight.

Applications can be submitted in Dutch, French, English or Spanish.

Article 6 : Selection procedure and Jury

The selection procedure consists of three stages:

1) A first vote of a jury (jury 1) made up of four SPX members will preselect 10 initiatives for Stage 2 on the basis of a previously established evaluation grid (see §7.2).

2) These 10 initiatives will be put to a public vote. Results from the public vote will be taken into account in the final ranking of the selected projects in Stage 3.

3) A second jury (jury 2) chooses the winner of the SPX Award from among the 10 nominees preselected in Stage 1 on the basis of a previously established evaluation grid (see §7.3). The second jury consists of the winner of the previous year and 3 other professionals who are members of the SPX association but have not participated in the first jury.

6.1. Jury 1

Decisions are made after deliberation and take into account the selection criteria set out in the evaluation grid. These decisions are final and cannot be contested. The members of the jury agree to observe the secrecy of the deliberations. The members of the jury agree not to be involved in any way whatsoever in the evaluation of their proper project. The list of selected initiatives will be announced on 03/03/22.

6.2. Jury 2

Decisions are made after deliberation and take into account the selection criteria set out in the evaluation grid. These decisions are final and cannot be contested. The members of the jury agree to observe the secrecy of the deliberations. The members of the jury agree not to be involved in any way whatsoever in the evaluation of their proper project. The winning initiative will be announced on 6/10/22.

6.3 : Public vote

Polls for the public vote are open from 04/01/22 to 04/30/22. The public vote is taken into account in the final ranking of the selected projects.

Regulations for the public vote:

  • Only one vote per person is accepted. The organizers reserve the right to exclude a candidate in case of abuse or cheating.
  • The organizer reserves the right to modify the organization, suspend or close the polls at any time and without notice in the event of force majeure or any other exceptional event beyond its control, in particular in the event of a network malfunction or any other problem in connection with telecommunication networks, computers, Internet providers and servers, and this without the participants or any other person being able to claim damages.
  • The organizer reserves the right not to count the votes suspected of being fraudulent (e.g.: the use of the same IP address for a suspicious number of votes for the same project).
  • Except in case of serious or intentional fault, neither the organizer, nor its staff, nor the third parties called upon in the context of the vote can be held responsible for damage of any kind resulting from the participation in or organization of the vote. Neither can they be held responsible for the modifications, suspensions and cancellations mentioned earlier.
  • The organizer can in no way be held responsible for incorrectly provided data from the participants, resulting in an email or postal address or a telephone number that is incorrect or unknown to the participants.
  • An email will be sent to both nominees and non-nominees following the preselection.

Article 7 : selection criteria

7.1. Admission criteria for the initial submission

  • The initiative promotes the patient experience (PX)
  • The initiative is still in place today
  • The initiative is a réalisation of the organisation itself
  • The winner of the previous year cannot participate
  • Maximally one submission per organization can be nominated

7.2. Criteria for nomination in Stage 1

The Stage 1 jury will nominee 10 projects taking into consideration the following criteria:

  • The initiative involves multidisciplinary collaboration
  • The initiative is supported by the organization’s management
  • The initiative initiates open dialogue / stimulates cultural change in the organization
  • The initiative is innovative in the sense that it is a reflection and / or a re-design of current processes and uses new technologies or social innovation
  • The initiative meets the current needs of the patient / caregiver
  • The initiative can be easily applied in other health facilities
  • The initiative can submit concrete and measurable results

7.3. Selection criteria in Stage 3

The criteria included in the preselection as well as:

  • The initiative shows, through an analysis of results, its added value
  • The initiative won the most votes from the public jury

SPX may contact the initiator for further clarification if necessary.

Article 8 : Awards

Laureates will be announced on 10/06/22. The winners will be honored internationally for one year as the patient experience-oriented organization of the year.

All available communication channels (including general and professional press, newsletter / website / SPX social networks / international webinar / publication) will be used for this purpose.

The laureate receives a € 5,000 award by The UZ Brussels Foundation, provided that the laureate complies with the rules stipulated in this document.

Article 9 : Management of personal data

9.1. The organizer processes the personal data transmitted in accordance with the protection of privacy law of 8 December 1992 with regard to the processing of personal data and the law of 13 June 2005 relating to electronic communications.

9.2. The personal data of Participants is processed, in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of this data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (general data protection regulation), for the purposes of a smooth organization, and in particular in order to get in touch with the Participants.

The participants can, if they agree so upon enrollement, also be included in a database in order to be reused for commercial and advertising purposes by partners or third parties involved in the context of the laureate or by the organizer himself.

9.3. Participants have a right of access and a right of rectification relating to those data, and if necessary a right to object to their use for direct marketing purposes. To this end, the participant simply needs to send an email to [email protected] or to unsubscribe from the received newsletters.

9.4. The organizer will take all necessary precautions to ensure confidentiality of the data. By submitting the application form with their personal data, the participants acknowledges, however, that sending those data over the Internet is never without risk.

9.5. In case of selection and participation in the awards ceremony, photographs will be taken at the event. If participants don’t want to be photographed, they can communicate this at [email protected].

Article 10 : Acceptance of the rules

Decisions on nomination are final in each stage of selection procedure.

The organizers decline all responsibility in the event of a dispute relating to intellectual or industrial property rights with regard to the commitments made by the candidates.

Participation in the “SPX Awards” implies acceptance of the rules and regulations stipulated in this document.

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