By joining SPX, you are sure to share your experience; you increase your networking ability with other members engaged in the patient experience.

Becoming a member means supporting SPX in its missions and sharing its values.

You can become an individual member or an institutional member.

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Individual membership

Individual membership privileges
(1 year)

Active participation to the association’s life

Monthly newsletter Knowledge Patient Experience

Networking possibility with other association members

Reductions when registering for the annual colloquium and other activities

Priority when registering for association activities

Institutional membership

Institutional membership privileges
(1 year)

Active participation to the association’s life

Mention of the institution on the website of SPX and in the newsletter as a partner concerned with patient experience initiatives

Free registration of 3 participants for the annual colloquium of the association; and registration fee reduction for other participants.

Priority when registering for study journeys and training initiatives

Possibility to send the Knowledge Patient Experience newsletter to all managers inside your institution

Facilitated access to certain services offered by the association for your institution, in particular in company training programs.

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