December 22, 2021

Best Wishes!

We all hoped for a “normal” 2021…

This year was not to be. To write that everything went as planned for SPX would not be honest. Given the situation, we tried to keep in touch with our members by turning our annual conference into a series of initiatives that have covered every month of the year..

Our aim was to provide you information, whether it be to inspire you or to give you more practical application of the patient experience in your institutions.

We recognise that every healthcare professional today is busy maintaining a precarious balance within their own organisation and that the energy required for this activity requires a unique focus.

With this in mind, we promise you a year in 2022 in which SPX will be at your side to ensure a shared patient experience.

On behalf on the whole team, we wish you a happy holiday season with friends and family!

We look forward to seeing you in 2022 with new initiatives that are more in line with your demands to promote the Patient Experience!

SPX Team

December 15, 2021

The Shared Patient eXperience association launches its second edition of the SPX Award

SPX wants to bring together European healthcare organizations wanting to improve and share about the patient experience. After the success of the first edition, SPX is continuing the experience in 2022.

The Award recognizes initiatives by healthcare establishments that put the patient first and work in a multidisciplinary manner to satisfy patients and / or family. An innovative spirit is encouraged.

New for this year, the UZ Brussel Foundation will offer a prize of 5,000 euros to the winner.

November 22, 2021

International Colloquium 2021: A moment of sharing and thinking on PX

The end of the year is slowly coming to an end, and with it the end of our International SPX ALWAYS ON 2021 Conference.

Our objective was both to develop thinking on patient experience and to propose tools and real, practical experiences to develop and improve patient experience.

In practice, this represents:

  • 6 Keynotes from 5 different countries (Belgium, USA, Switzerland, Spain and England)
  • 6 Hospitals from 5 different countries (Switzerland, Latvia, France, Spain, Belgium)
  • 2 Trainings in 2 different languages (French and Spanish), with participants from 7 different countries (Belgium, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain, Mexico, and Argentina).

Follow us to receive more information about our 2022 Colloquium!

November 3, 2021

SPX celebrates its 2nd anniversary!

The founders and first members of SPX decided to mark the official start of the association with an annual conference.

This was on 15 October 2019, live in Brussels.

Almost 200 of you joined us to share your knowledge about our holistic approach to the Patient eXperience. It was an important anniversary, since we met for the first time to discuss this very important theme which is the experience of all patients: to definitely take into account the patient’s point of view in all areas that concern them.

October 19, 2021

How do we judge the outcomes of health services? The Shared Patient Experience association offers a new training programme to equip professionals in this area

For some years, value measurement has been one of the priority topics in most modern health systems. It is a new paradigm in the assessment of the results of health and social care services.

The Shared Patient Experience association has therefore created a tailor-made programme for professionals who want to learn how to use the main tools and methodologies needed to implement and/or improve the patient experience in health and social care institutions.

The success of this training shows the interest that health institutions have in this topic today.

October 6, 2021

Download now the new white paper from the Beryl Institute with a holistic view of the human experience in care

We are very pleased to have participated in the Beryl Institute’s Global Council, new white paper on elevating the Human Experience in Healthcare.

This paper includes accounts from individuals committed to elevating the conversation on human experience and expanding the global experience movement. Through the lenses of practitioners from nine countries, the paper reflects how nations have responded to the call to elevate the human experience during a global pandemic and further demonstrates the impact experience has on outcomes.

September 21, 2021

Annual Report 2020

The Shared Patient Experience Association is pleased to present the annual report for the year 2020.

You will find all the activities and events that have taken place over the past year.

The Shared Patient Experience Association would like to thank its members, both individual and institutional, as well as its partners and various collaborators for the accomplishment of its mission, which is to advance the patient experience in healthcare institutions by promoting best practices.

March 17, 2021

Shared Patient eXperience in ZORG Magazine

ZORG Magazine, the specialized magazine for health executives in Belgium, has written an extensive report about Shared Patient eXperience. This report explains in depth the mission and objectives of SPX, focusing on the activities done by the organization and the shared knowledge that SPX promotes.

You can read the complete report (in Dutch) on this link.

You can also download the report in PDF by clicking on the image.

March 10, 2021

SPX Webinar: How to incorporate the patient's perspective into the healthcare system

Shared Patient Experience hosted a webinar on March 10th, 2021 on how to incorporate the patient’s perspective into the healthcare system. The speakers were Eduard Portella, vice president of Shared Patient Experience and president of Antares Consulting, and Joan Escarrabill, from the Chronic Care and Patient Experience Program at Hospital Clínic. 

The webinar is based on the report “The perspective of the patient in the health system”, created by the member institutions of Shared Patient Experience. The objective of the document is to present a current vision of the patient’s perspective in health institutions and how their participation can contribute to their cultural change.

The full session can be viewed below.

February 8, 2021

Shared Patient Experience participates in a seminar on the perspective of the patient in the health system

The seminar “The perspective of the patient in the health system”, held online on February 3rd, was attended by the vice president of Shared Patient Experience and president of Antares Consulting, Eduard Portella. It was also attended by Montse Moharra, acting director of the AQuAS (Catalan Health Quality and Evaluation Agency) and Joan Escarrabill, from the Chronic Care and Patient Experience Program at Hospital Clínic.

Portella’s presentation focused on the importance of the patient experience as a central element in defining quality of healthcare today, due to the demographic transition caused by population aging and the digital generation. This paradigm shift is among others due to factors such as the increase in social demand among patients and citizens to get involved in managing their own health.

In this context, explains Portella, Shared Patient Experience was born, a European international association founded by a group of professionals in the sector. This association aims to promote initiatives for the development of the patient experience, disseminate and stimulate research on the patient experience or create and share all knowledge on this subject through documents, programs, practical tools, etc., among others.

The full seminar can be viewed on the Hospital Clínic YouTube page in the following video: