SPX AWARDS - Voting for finalist projects

Discover the 12 projects shortlisted for the SPX Awards 2023 among the 3 categories.

The name of the winners will be revealed on 9 June during the Awards Ceremony that will take place at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.

Category Hospitals

🏥 Bedside Pass: involving the patient and family in the transfer of information at the time of team change. 📍 SPAIN
🏥The use of patient-reported outcome measures ( PROMS) in post stroke patient care. 📍 BELGIUM
🏥 Co-design of the new neonatal care unit. 📍 SPAIN
🏥 Evaluating patient experience in an emergency department and implementing new areas for improvement based on this experience. 📍 SPAIN
🏥 Endomway: participation in the improvement of health services: the case of endometriosis. 📍 SPAIN

Category Health and social care institutions

🏥 NewSpringForMe: a digital companion to improve the quality of life of transplant patients. 📍 FRANCE
🏥 When patients train future nurses.
🏥 The integrated patient experience in health care organisations. 📍 BELGIUM

Category Startups

🚀 Using artificial intelligence, augmented reality and games to reduce stress and anxiety and improve patient experience. 📍 UNITED KINGDOM
🚀 Masana: there is no place like home! To live out one’s old age, to do a pre- or post-hospitalization. 📍 BELGIUM
🚀 Verbatim.Care: better understanding patient experience through automatic language processing. 📍 FRANCE
🚀 The Intelligent Sick Call 📍 FRANCE

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