SPX’s fundamental mission is to share in the broadest sense of the word all initiatives that improve the patient experience. As such, SPX works with the best partners in the field and also responds favorably to requests that make sense. Over the years, strong alliances have been forged with organizations that are committed to patients and their families.

Together with these partners, SPX aims to establish a strong culture of systematically gathering the patient’s perspective.

Global Council of BI

President : Jason Wolf

The Beryl Institute is a global community of healthcare professionals and experience champions committed to transforming the human experience in healthcare.

In 2021, the Beryl Institute started a new group named Global Council and SPX was invited to take part on this: we are members of this global group.

The Global Council of The Beryl Institute is comprised of individuals committed to elevating the conversation on human experience and expanding the global experience movement by engaging with one another, sharing ideas, and growing the global engagement of individuals and organizations in The Beryl Institute Community.

To best represent SPX in the Global Council, three SPX members participate equally in the movement: Nathalie Delbrassine, Pascal Daynès and Dieter De Court, group leader.

UZ Foundation

The UZ Brussel Foundation brings together donors, care providers, business partners and scientists to achieve more together. The efforts of the UZ Brussel Foundation lead to high quality and innovative care for every patient and thus fulfils an important social role. With the support of donors and partners, we make innovative scientific research possible. These studies lead to new knowledge and possibilities in the form of drugs, new surgical techniques and interdisciplinary care processes. In addition, we facilitate various care projects, which contribute to a caring environment for patients and their families at UZ Brussel.


Resah is a public interest group whose aim is to support the pooling and professionalisation of purchasing and logistics for players in the public and private not-for-profit healthcare, medico-social and social sectors.

Convinced that purchasing and logistics are essential levers for improving the efficiency of the actions of players in the public and private not-for-profit health, medico-social and social sector, Resah supports them through two complementary areas of activity: a central purchasing unit and a resources and expertise centre.

EuroMedi International

EuroMedi is a European non-governmental organisation with an international vocation, created by doctors and management specialists who have previously worked for one of the Anglo-Saxon international accreditation bodies. EuroMedi is an independent, international, non-governmental organisation whose mission is to ensure that everyone, regardless of income, origin or status, has access to quality healthcare.


President : Bernard Denis

SPX has signed a collaboration agreement with the UFPP.

The Union Francophone des Patients Partenaires (UFPP) brings together patients living with one or more chronic pathologies and works without any border limitation. This association is very active in the development and teaching of the partner patient method.

SPX has always supported the fact that considering the patients’ perspective requires a wide variety of modalities. The patient partner is one of them and as such we are very pleased to start this new collaboration.

The primary mission of the UFPP is to offer training to patients with chronic diseases, all pathologies included, to structure their experiential knowledge and thus work in partnership with health professionals.

To prove the concept of “patient partner”, it is relevant that patients that have followed the UFPP training can participate in university research projects. Indeed, the contribution of their experiential knowledge, once structured, is a major asset for research teams.

Coalition Next

Coalition Next is an open health ecosystem of private and public actors who combine their expertise in an agile process to accelerate the widespread implementation of innovative health solutions. Coalition NEXT Belgium builds on the success of its predecessor in France.

Coalition Next has asked SPX to participate as one of the founding members. SPX participates like the other members and intervenes during the project selection points, detailed project analysis and deployment committee.

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