Shared Patient eXperience (SPX) is a non-profit organization.


Scientific evolution, coupled with technological prowess, has led to a strong fragmentation of care and a shift of people’s interest to the diseases themselves. Despite everything, humans and their health problems have always been at the center of the practice of medicine, as well as care…

Today this subject is on the table of the most innovative hospitals and is an integral part of health policies. In this context was born the non-profit organization Shared patient experience, Expérience patient partagée, Gedeelde patientervaring.

qui sommes nous?


Perceive the patient experience in all its forms, improve it and share it with as many professionals and institutions as possible. Motivate health institutions to include the patient experience in all strategic thinking and local management.

Following this approach, SPX pursues the following objectives:


Promote any initiative that aims to enhance the patient experience.


Analyze and contribute to any patient-centered care model.


Create and share as widely as possible all knowledge about patient experience: documents, initiatives, programs, tools, practical experiences, training, etc.


Disseminate, encourage and contribute to all forms of research related to patient experience.


Contribute to increasing the skills of professionals in terms of patient experience.


Support institutions in developing patient experience.


Promote the recognition of successful patient experience initiatives.


Whatever the origin of our members, we rely on their professionalism. This guarantees the follow-up and support expected for all the beneficiary citizens that we are targeting through our association.

The spirit of sharing is particularly dear to us: knowledge, information and innovation only make sense if they are disseminated and taught. This is why we are committed through training, conferences and networking.

Finally, we are an independent association and any recommendation or transmission of information will be exclusively based on our expert opinion.



Board of Directors


Mrs So Yung Straga


Dr Eduard Portella


Mrs Nathalie Delbrassine


Mr Frédéric Addor

Mr Ron Embrechts

Mr Guillaume Rousson

Mrs Céline Orhond

Dr Gilbert Bejjani

Dr Joan Escarabill

Mr Tom Coolen

Mr Rui Patricio

Dr Mikaël De Rham

Mr Christophe Rosso

Mr Joep Paemen

Mr Daniel Ritter

Annual reports

Annual Report 2022

Date: December 2023

Description: Discover the 2022 anual report of the association. This year was marked by the continuation and development of the various activities offered (SPX Awards, Training, etc.).

Annual Report 2021

Date: June 2022

Description: The year 2021 was a year of great distance. The members of SPX have doubled their efforts to remain united and imaginative, never losing hope in their ability to maintain a growing association, both in terms of numbers of participants and content distribution.

Annual Report 2020

Date: September 2021

Description: We present our annual report 2020 below which, despite a context particularly linked to the health crisis, was rich and varied.

Annual Report 2019

Date: April 2020

Description: Sharing our information and presenting our initiatives to professionals in the health system and heads of health institutions is a commitment and an exercise in transparency.

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