Join us for the 5th SPX International Colloquium

Together, towards a global and collaborative Patient Experience

This event is aimed at all professionals, regardless of their discipline or the model of their health structure, since the topics addressed concern all managers working to strengthen the value developed for patients.

WHEN? 8, 9, 10 October 2024
WHERE? Barcelona, Spain – See programme for specific locations.
LANGUAGES: The languages used during the colloquium will be English, French and Spanish. Please note that some activities may only be available in only one of these languages. See the programme of activities below for details. 
PRICE: Check the rates available on the Registration page. 

Discover the full programme of activities for the 5th SPX International Colloquium below.

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The SPX International Colloquium 2024 will start in



Would you be interested in contributing to the 5th SPX International Colloquium? All interested authors are encouraged to submit their communication proposals for evaluation by the Scientific Committee before 15 July 2024 via the online submission form.

All proposals related to the patient experience are welcomed and encouraged, encompassing a broad spectrum of topics including, but not limited to:

  • The design of support processes in the delivery of services.
  • Shared clinical decisions: professions, responsibility, commitment.
  • Definition of the criteria to be used in the measurement of PX results.
  • The development of physical spaces and the environment.
  • Technology adoption.
  • Participation and decision-making in the governance of the institution.
  • Implementation of patient experience and change management.
  • Information and communication with patients.

The Scientific Committee endorses the final decision and final acceptance will be validated only after your formal registration for the Colloquium.

Scientific Committee


Frédéric Addor (Switzerland)


Escarrabill, Joan (Spain)
González, Iria (Spain)
Hardouin, Laure (France)
Goodburn, Lesley (UK)
Moulins, Valérie (France)
Moeckli, Christian (Switzerland)
Olivier, Philippe (Belgium)
Patricio, Rui (Portugal)
Pérez Piñero, Maribel (Spain)
Vinyets, Joan (Spain)

Please note that the scientific committee is currently being constituted and that this list may be completed at a later date.


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Plenary Sessions
Communications Sessions

Pre-colloquium activities | 8 October

On the occasion of the pre-colloquium day which will take place on 8 October a wide programme of satelite activities will be offered to participants who wish to go deeper into certain themes.

More information coming soon.

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Plenary Sessions | 9, 10 October

A total of 4 plenary sessions will be held on 9 and 10 October at the World Trade Center auditorium. 

The languages in which the sessions will be available will be confirmed soon. 

The healthcare domain requires professionals to extend beyond the traditional boundaries of their respective roles. The spectrum of integrated collaboration involves all stakeholders: from caregivers to patients, technology and medical equipment providers, logistics, medical transportation, information systems, and regulatory bodies, among others. It is a collective and global commitment that transcends sectoral limitations. Patient experience is a social imperative that concerns us all, but also a reliable means to enhance performance and outcomes in the healthcare field.

Location : Auditorium – World Trade Center Barcelona

When it comes to innovation and value creation, a deep understanding of patient needs leads to innovations that are tailored to real expectations. Throughout the process, by gathering direct feedback, it becomes easier to identify shortcomings that need to be rectified: co-construction is one of the keys to innovation in healthcare, because it encourages professionals to look at everyday life from a new angle.

Location : Auditorium – World Trade Center Barcelona

To ensure acting appropriately, stakeholders must embrace the new values arising from society’s evolution. Navigating a world in perpetual change isn’t easy, and this is where the patient experience sets the course. Considering daily life in the healthcare field through the patient experience involves adapting the behaviors of all collaborators. In addition to ensuring doing things well, it will also be necessary to learn to do the right things, to make informed decisions in all circumstances.

Location : Auditorium – World Trade Center Barcelona

Patient experience must be assessed to measure its impacts. Considering this from the outset of initiatives allows us to determine if the set objectives will concretely improve patients’ experiences. Additionally, it’s crucial to incorporate result measurement indicators into institutional dashboards.

Location : Auditorium – World Trade Center Barcelona

Communication sessions | 9, 10 October

In addition to the plenary sessions, the programme of the Colloquium will be completed by a number of communication sessions spread over the days of 9 and 10 October. 

Would you be interested in contributing as an author of communications? Our call for authors is open until 15 July 2024.

Communication sessions | 9, 10 October

The programme of presentations includes a total of 15 shared communication sessions spread over the days of 11 and 12 October. Each morning and afternoon, 4 concurrent sessions will take place in the same time slot. To find out more about the contributors, the venue and the timetable, see the detailed programme for each session below.

Please note that th presentations will be done in French except those who mention otherwise.

We invite you to choose the sessions you wish to attend by clicking on the link below. You can change your choice at a later date if necessary. The form will remain available throughout the Colloquium and your choice can be modified later if necessary.

Communications sessions on 11 October

Subjet : Patient experience in psychiatry
Time : 11:45 to 12:45
Room : Notre-Dame (2nd floor)
Session moderator : Michelle Warneke
Contributions : 

  • Medication workshops for psychiatric inpatients: 1-year review
    CH Montperrin
    Dr Véronique Berlaud, managing pharmacist

Subject : Patients – professionals, symmetries and asymmetries
Time : 11:45 to 12:45
Room : Lacydon (1st floor)
Session moderator : Nathalie Delbrassine
Contributions :

  • Communicative health literacy in the adult European population
    Aix-Marseille University
    Salvatore Metanmo, Post-doctoral researcher at SESSTIM, Aix-Marseille University
  • Patient and carer experience, from theory to practice. Prospective study
    Dr Abdallah Guerraoui, nephrologist
  • Symmetry of attention
    Foch Hospital
    Aléna Sorret, Patient Experience Manager
    Daniel Ritter, CEO Better World

Subject : Taking patients into account in care pathways, sharing experiences
Time : 11:45 to 12:45
Room : Saint-Jean (1st floor)
Session moderator : Christophe Rosso
Contributions :

  • When optimising the care pathway enables the emergence of the patient as partner…
    EpiCURA Hospital Centre
    Anthony Delfosse, Head nurse
    Nassira Belghezli, Quality Manager
    Dominique Gainvorste, Director of the Nursing Department
    Marie Noé, Head of Department, Social Services
  • EndomWay – Evaluation of the experience of patients with endometriosis
    Hospital Clínic of Barcelona & Barcelona Institute for Global Health
    Anne-Sophie Gresle, Patient and Public Involvement Project Manager at Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and ISGLOBAL
  • Improving the patient experience in the operating theatre
    Chirec site Braine l’alleud
    Stéphanie Straet, Intraoperative care nurse
  • Preparing for a child’s hospitalisation PRESENTATION IN ENGLISH
    Kelvin Tavarez, Senior Manager, Growth & Strategy
  • Supporting patients on a daily basis through an intelligent communication platform
    Jérôme Vial, COO

Subject : Patient experience and oncology
Time : 11:45 to 12:45
Room : MUCEUM (2nd floor)
Session moderator : Eduard Portella
Contributions :

  • Patient Experience in Cancer Care
    Specific Regional Cancer Programme
    Romain Septidi, Head of Oncological Support Care
  • Patient experience: one year of PREMS indicators in ambulatory surgery
    Centre Léon Bérard
    Guillaume Billaud, Deputy Director of Quality
  • Collaboration between Patient Partners and Advanced Practice Nurses: What benefits for patients in cancer care?
    Institut BERGONIE – CLCC
    Dominique Chort, Patient Partner in Urology
    Marie-Claude Chantecaille, Advanced Practice Nurse in Oncogeriatrics and Urology
  • Implementing Patient Participation in a homecare organization: the process of cultural change
    Wit-Gele Kruis van Vlaanderen

    Kristien Scheepmans, Staff member of the nursing department White Yellow Cross

Subject : Sharing Practical Experiences – Complaints and mediation to improve the patient experience. Looking back over 11 years of experience
Time : 16:00 to 17:00
Room : MUCEUM (2nd floor)
Session moderator : Bernard Denis
Contributions :

  • How can the complaints of patients and their families be used to improve care? A look back at 11 years of experience
    Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois
    Béatrice Schaad, Professor in charge of the Chair: Relations between patients, relatives and professionals in hospital, Institut des Humanités en Médecine, University of Lausanne, Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois.

Subject : Living lab, design of structures and organisations dedicated to improving XP
Time : 16:00 to 17:00
Room : Saint-Jean (1st floor)
Session moderator : Joep Paemen
Contributions :

  • The Living Lab, central to the Patient Experience at Hôpital Foch
    Foch Hospital
    Valérie Moulins, Director of Communications and Patient Experience
    Aléna Sorret, Patient Experience Manager
  • The “Patienten House” at the CHL
    Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg
    Marie-Noelle Matz, Cardiology nurse and tobacco specialist, PatientenHouse Project Coordinator
  • Citizen Health Science, participatory and co-creation practices involving patient experiences to improve healthcare services and inform public policies: a case-study of endometriosis as an under-diagnosed disease affecting women’s health PRESENTATION IN ENGLISH
    Science for Change
    Nora Salas Seoane, , Health Area Manager, Science for Change
  • Designing Experiences to Humanize Maternity Care: A Human Centred Design Approach PRESENTATION IN ENGLISH
    Rui Patricio, Rui Patrício, Assistant Professor and Lab Coordinator at UNIDCOM – IADE

Subject : Implication of patients in governance bodies – different models
Time : 16:00 to 17:00
Room : Notre-Dame (2nd floor)
Session moderator : So Yung Straga
Contributions :

  • Participation and decision-making in the governance of the institution
    Francophone Union of Patients Partners
    Pascale Daynes, Scientific Project Manager, Patient Advisor and Training Manager

Subject : Involving patients in the design of solutions
Time : 16:00 to 17:00
Room : Lacydon (1st floor)
Session moderator : Guillaume Rousson
Contributions :

  • Dia@Dom: a multi-stakeholder co-design approach to support systems for patients suffering from chronic renal failure
    Hôpital Pitié-Salpêtrière, Department of Nephrology, APHP-Sorbonne Université-Paris
    Corinne Isnard Bagnis, Professor of renal diseases – E-Health Digital Medical Hub Expert, AP-HP
    Mathieu Noirhomme, Consultant in public health
    Corinne Grenier, Professor HDR, Strategy and Innovation, Coordinator of the Health, Innovation and Inclusive Society Lab at KEDGE Business School, Director of the Health & Innovation Collection, ISTE
  • User experiences to improve emergency room admissions, a co-design research project at Montpellier University Hospital
    École de Design Nantes Atlantiques, University of Nantes, Montpellier University Hospital, Sensipode
    Loélia Rapin, Designer and PhD student
  • Mobydi, dialysis in your pocket
    Béatrice M’Bark, President
  • Involving patients in the design of technical solutions
    Brice Van Eeckout, CEO

Communications sessions on 12 October

Subject : Patients in governance structures – feedback from different establishments
Time : 11:30 to 12:30
Room : Notre-Dame (2nd floor)
Session moderator : Christian Moeckli 
Contributions :

  • Strategy for setting up the Patients and Professionals Partnership Committee at Robert Schuman Hospitals in Luxembourg
    Robert Schuman Hospitals
    Naïma Torki, Director of Care Internal Medicine Unit

    Christine Volckaert, Project Manager Institutionalisation Patient Partnership
    Martine Cholewiak, Director of Care, Internal Medicine Unit – Partnership and Patient Experience Project Manager
  • The Patient Experience Collective, a new body at Nice University Hospital
    Nice University Hospital
    Magali Rosier, Senior health executive, responsible for improving the partnership and the patient experience

Subject : Patient experience in coordinated care structures
Time : 11:30 to 12:30
Room : MUCEUM (2nd floor)
Session moderator : Bernard Denis
Contributions :

  • Adapting the patient tracing method to a Coordination Support Unit (DAC)
    Pasqual, PACA & Corsica Regional Support Structure for Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety, DAC Corsica Via Salute
    Laure Hardouin, Managing public health projects
    Santa Ottavi, Managing Director Via Salute DAC Corsica
  • Does the advance care project (ProSA) guarantee a positive patient experience?
    Lausanne Regional Health Network
    Philippe Anhorn, Managing Director
  • Involvement of patients in the development of personalised health prevention during their treatment, through remote support from pharmacy pharmacists
    Shehrazad FAURE, President

Subject : From gathering patient experience to action. Methods and structures, the place of tools?
Time : 11:30 to 12:30
Room : Lacydon (1st floor)
Session moderator : Olivier Philippe 
Contributions :

  • Structuring the collection of Patient Experience: implementation and impact
    Foch Hospital
    Valérie Moulins, Director of Communications and Patient Experience
  • Taking patient experience into account when evaluating care pathways in oncology: setting up the OncoPREMs study
    Institut Godinot Cancer Centre
    Loubna Diouri, Advanced Practice Nurse, Department of Medical Oncology
  • Managing Patient Experience with Artificial Intelligence – Action research into the integration of artificial intelligence to optimise patient experience management in French healthcare establishments.
    Guillaume Rousson, Co-founder and Scientific Director of EntendsMoi and PhD student in Management of Healthcare Organisations, iaelyon School of Management (Lyon 3), Magellan Research Laboratory, “Valeur(s) du soin” Chair.
  • Optimising the patient experience through analysis of clinical indicators and Language AI technologies
    Elliot Bertrand, Founder and Director of Data Science

Subject : Instilling cultural change
Time : 11:30 to 12:30
Room : Saint-Jean (1st floor)
Session moderator : Joan Escarrabill
Contributions :

  • Launch of a patient experience initiative at AP-HM
    Assitance Publique Hôpitaux de Marseille
    Ines Nicolas, Project Manager, General Management, Patient Experience Project Manager
    Benoît Camiade, Director of Patient Experience, Quality, Risk Management and HSE
  • Animation film of the patient experience at Saint-Joseph Hospital
    Saint-Joseph Hospital Marseille
    François Blachère, Director of Quality – Risk Management – Customer Relations
  • National collaborative platform for healthcare players to promote patient partnerships
    Alliance PEP Santé – Platform for Commitment to Partnership in Healthcare)
    Karine Barelle, Patient Partner and Co-President
    Nathalie Marquis, Co-President
  • European patient experience accreditation
    Euromedi International
    Jean-Louis Festeraerts, Chief Executive Officer

Subject : Sharing Practical Experiences – Patient partner and patient experience, a review of 3 years of action
Time : 15:30 to 16:30
Room : MUCEUM (2nd floor)
Session noderator : So Yung Straga
Contributions :

  • Multiple paths/voices for developing the “patient partnership” and the “patient experience” at Hospices civils de Lyon: a strategic, integrated and modelling approach
    Hospices Civils de Lyon
    Philippe Michel, Director of User Quality and Population Health, University Professor
  • Building a future from partnership to patient expertise. Between opportunities and vigilance.
    Hôpital d’Instruction des Armées Laveran
    Hugues Lefort, Military emergency doctor with the French Armed Forces Health Service

Subject : Beyond Care
Time : 15:30 to 16:30
Room : Saint-Jean (1st floor)
Session moderator : Frédéric Addor
Contributions :

  • Ethical issues surrounding the announcement of an indolent cancer requiring simple active surveillance: information and communication in the case of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia
    Aix-Marseille University
    Julia Tinland, post-doctoral fellow in philosophy and member of the SESSTIM laboratory
    Sandrine de Montgolfier, Senior Lecturer in Medical Ethics and Sociology of Health, holder of the Chair in Health Democracy and the Involvement of People Affected by Cancer and member of the SESSTIM laboratory
  • Le Sans Fourchette®
    Association MÉMOIRE & SANTÉ
    Fabienne VERDUREAU, Psycho-social Innovation Project Manager
  • Improving the patient pathway by supporting parenthood through childcare at the IPC crèche
    Fabienne Chappe, Head of HR, Health in the Workplace and Quality of Life, Nursery Director
  • Gratiago, encouraging the shift from a patient consumer to a patient actor of his health
    Alexandre Pirson, CEO
    Frédéric Besançon, Scientific Advisor
  • My Hospitel, a digital innovation that gives patients a say in their hospital stay
    Valérie Loisel, Co-founder, Public Relations Officer
    Vincent Boisset, Co-founder, CEO

Subject : Involvement of patients in facilitating their peers’ journeys
Time : 15:30 to 16:30
Room : Lacydon (1st floor)
Session moderator : Valérie Moulins 
Contributions :

  • Amhyperbar: the patient-caregiver experience combined
    CHU Toulouse
    Betty Flecher, Association secretary and hyperbaric nurse
    Caroline Aubrejac, President of the association and expert patient
  • Implementing the patient experience at CALYDIAL
    Stéphanie Spataro, Patient Advisor in charge of user relations, Member of the Quality and Risk Management Department
    Amélie Ruet, Head of Quality and Risk Management
  • Café Hormono: a place for women undergoing anti-hormonal treatment to exchange ideas and share experiences
    Clinique Saint-Jean
    Eléonore de Bergeyck, oncology coordination nurse
    Caroline Goossens, clinical psychologist

Innovation Corner | 11, 12 October

Join us on 11 and 12 October in the Foyer PHAR CLUB area and the Joliette and Estaque rooms on the 1st floor to meet companies and institutions working to improve the patient experience through the development of innovative solutions. The stands will be open throughout the two days.

Would you like to have a one-to-one discussion with one of these companies during the conference? Make an appointment with the representative by clicking on the logo of the organisation you wish to meet below.



On the occasion of the pre-colloquium day which will take place on 10 October at the Palais du Pharo, 6 workshops will be offered to participants who wish to go deeper into certain themes:

  • Setting up a patient committe: steps and tools
  • The use of Design Thinking in health
  • Evaluating the impact of a patient experience strategy and projects
  • Patient experience and participatory action research
  • Therapeutic communication with self and other
  • Achieving patient-centered care through shared decision making


  • Balzategui, Markel | Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau
  • Bustillo, Cristina | Fundació TIC Salut i Social
  • Gresle, Anne-Sophie | Hospital Clínic de Barcelona
  • Hurtado, Marta | Hospital del Mar
  • Millat, Sílvia | Hospital Universitari Bellvitge
  • Moharra, Montserrat | Agència de Qualitat i Avaluació Sanitàries de Cataunya (AQuAS)
  • Monte, Rafael | Hospital Universitario Lucus Augusti, Lugo
  • Portella, Eduard | Shared Patient Experience asbl
  • Sant, Anna | Fundació Assistencial Mútua de Terrassa
  • Vinyets, Joan | Hospital Sant Joan de Déu


Supporters of SPX

Institutional support for the Colloquium

Fundación Visible - SPX Coloquio Internacional


Join us this autumn in the vibrant and internationally renowned capital of Catalonia. With its incredible modernist architecture, modern infrastructures, and coastal charm, Barcelona offers an unparalleled experience.

The 5th SPX International Colloquium will take place across several distinctive venues throughout the city including the World Trade Center, on October 9 and 10, located in the seaside neighborhood of Port Vell.

Explore more about what Barcelona has to offer and make the most of your visit!


The SPX International Colloquium 2024 will be hosted at the World Trade Center on October 9 and 10. 

The pre-colloquium (October 8) will take place across 4 satellite hospitals:

  • Hospital de la Santa Creu y Sant Pau
  • Hospital del Mar
  • Hospital de Sant Joan De Déu
  • Hospital Clínic

All participants to the pre-colloquium activities will be conducted to the Hospital de la Santa Creu y Sant Pau at the end the day for a closing activity. 

If you are looking for a comfortable and budget-friendly place to stay during the event, we recommend the Hotel Market Barcelona (30 minutes walk from the World Trade Center). 


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