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Colloquium - Individual Registration

2 days
1 day (Oct 11th)
1 day (Oct 12th)

Complete Pack - Colloquium and Workshop

This is a limited offer only available until places for the workshop run out.

You can check the workshop’s detailed programs here.

Colloquium (2 days) + Workshop 1
Setting up a patient committee: steps and tools
Colloquium (2 days) + Workshop 2
The use of Design Thinking in health
Colloquium (2 days) + Workshop 3
Evaluating the impact of a patient experience strategy and projects
Colloquium (2 days) + Workshop 4
Patient experience and participatory action research
Colloquium (2 days) + Workshop 5
Therapeutic communication with self and others
Colloquium (2 days) + Workshop 6
Achieving patient centered-care through shared decision making


Places on the workshop are limited.

They will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis until all they run out.

Workshop (6 hours)

Cancellation and change conditions​

Please contact us to find out the conditions for changes and cancellations.

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