The patient experience in healthcare innovation

Next reading in the SPX pile: the collective work L’expérience dans l’innovation en santé. Modes éphémères ou nouveau paradigme? edited in French by Luigi Flora, Université Côte d’Azur (Italy), Corinne Grenier, KEDGE Business School (France) and Frédéric Ponsignon, KEDGE Business School (France).

Bringing together around 20 researchers from France, Canada, the UK, Australia and Switzerland, this book weaves together a variety of theoretical perspectives and experiences on this new approach in the field of health: taking into account the experiential knowledge of patients and users.

The patient experience in healthcare innovation: passing fads or a new paradigm?

The use of the experience of patients, users, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders to innovate and rethink healthcare organisations and systems is booming. Deploying these innovative methods and practices, however, requires an understanding and mastery of theoretical principles, as well as experimentation in the field.

L’expérience dans l’innovation en santé alternates theoretical presentations and case studies/examples to present the key concepts of innovation in healthcare and the experience of the people who are at the heart of the various healthcare ecosystems. It brings together diverse and complementary perspectives and viewpoints to shed new light on the issue of experience in healthcare through the prism of innovation. It includes a wealth of resources, ideas and results for everyone involved in healthcare who wants to implement innovative approaches that place the human experience at the heart of healthcare ecosystems.

More information : L’expérience dans l’innovation en santé – ISTE Editions

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